Aluminium composite panel; is a construction material produced with the combination of 2 aluminium sheets and low-density polyethylene material. Aluminium sheet used at top surface is coated with PDF which gives high surface durability to the panel. Composite panels provide high sound and heat insulation additional to its high surface durability which makes it a preferable product at construction industry.

Coating : PVDF Coated
Total weight : 4 mm
Aluminium thicness : 0,40 mm
Dimensions : 125x320cm / 150x320cm / 125x600cm / 150x600cm

Satechbond Aluminium Composite Panel Usage Areas
  • Indoor - outdoor wall cladding applications
  • Malls, shops
  • Banks and hotels,
  • Airports, train stations, obus terminals,
  • Tunnel – Subway stations,
  • Stadiums and sport complexes,
  • Renovation applications,
  • Balcony decoration applications,
  • Column and beam cladding applications,
  • Canopy an ceiling cladding applications,
  • Office partitioning applications,
  • Signage and billboard applications,
  • Gas stations,
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Traffic signs
  • Escelators and elevators

  • PE (Polyester) coated
  • Total weight: 4 mm
  • Aluminium thickness: 0.30 mm
  • Dimensons: 125 x 320 cm
  • Standard Colors
Indoor and signage applications.